Sunday, 10 December 2017

Honest Review of Glossier Makeup

I've been putting off doing this post for a while, this is just because I wanted to really test out the products to give an honest true opinion. Glossier's popularity has grown so much over this past year and theres no surprise there, even just looking at the packaging it's very visually pleasing and product wise, quite innovative. I'm going to go through and tell you what I think about each product, hopefully you guys will find it helpful! 

Priming Moisturiser

This is a very simple moisturiser. I didn't have any nasty reactions to it, sometimes primers can bring me out in spots but I was fine with this. It gives a nice smooth base and works well with the perfect skin tint. I wouldn't say it is anything out of the ordinary but is a nice product to use.

Perfect Skin Tint 

I first purchased this in the lightest shade and loved it, however I have realised it makes my skin look really oily throughout the day, which for me is unheard of as I have such dry skin! It isn't something I go to when doing my makeup as I generally prefer a little bit more coverage however for lazy days where I want minimal makeup and fuss I will use it. The next shade up is quite the jump. I purchased it for when I have fake tan on and it's still a little too dark even when I'm fake tanned... lol. 

Stretch Concealer 

I was really disappointed with this product. Firstly it didn't have much coverage at all but the most frustrating thing for me was the shade. Why the lightest shade isn't the same as the skin tint shade is strange to me. It's quite dark and very orange toned which just doesn't look right on my under eye. The formula also feels a little greasy. 

Cloud Paint 

These are great little products. I purchased haze and beam, both of which I love. They give quite a pigmented look to your cheeks but this does fade quite quickly on me. They can also double up as a lip product. 


Above is the Haloscope in the shade moonstone. I LOVE this product! It's so easy to apply and gives such a gorgeous healthy looking glow to the skin with zero glitter. Would highly recommend this product. 

Generation G 

If you were to buy anything from Glossier I would suggest the Generation G lipsticks. I'm forever applying a lipstick and blotting it like crazy to get the colour and look I want. However these lip products give you that effect without the need to blot! The shade range is also beautiful. I have Jam and Like. Jam is a gorgeous natural looking cherry pink which is a lovely colour for this time of the year. Like is more of a 'your lips but better' shade, so great for a really natural look. 

Lip Gloss 

I must admit I haven't used the lip gloss much. I hoped that it wouldn't be a super sticky lip gloss but it is. I don't think there is anything that special about it really. 

So there we have it, those were my honest opinions on Glossier makeup! Overall, I love the brand ethos and most of their products. However with any makeup brand you're never going to like all of the products that they bring out. Hope this has helped anyone wanting to purchase something from Glossier have a better idea of what to get!

Thanks for reading, 

Rosie xox 

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