Tuesday, 3 October 2017

My Go-To Skincare Products

I often get asked about my skincare routine and which products I love. As a beauty blogger I find I like to try out a lot of different brands and products but am always worried they're going to ruin my skin. The following skincare items are my fail safe items that always work for me. I have very dry skin, that's not so spot prone any more but it does still happen on the odd occasion.

Garnier Micellar Water

I have been using the product for years, every since it came out actually. It's such an easy way to remove your make that doesn't irritate my eyes or skin. My eyes are the main thing to react to cleansers and especially being a contact lens wearer I don't always like to use an oil cleanser, especially not in the morning. I prefer to use oil cleansers in the evening.

Origins Super Spot Remover

Spot treatments are great, if you use them at the right time. Don't let the spot develop, instead when you feel it coming or can see something happening under your skin zap it straight away! This little product works wonders. It stings a lot but I only leave it on for about an hour and then put a solid layer of Sudocreme over it.

Loreal Hydra Genius

I'm obsessed with the smell of this stuff! As I said my skin is often very dry so I like to use this product on days when I need that extra moisture in my skin. It absorbs really quickly into the skin and I then add my normal moisturiser on top.

It Cosmetics Confidence In a Cream 

This has to be one of the best moisturisers I have ever used on my skin. Since using it I have seen such great results to the look and feel of my skin. There really isn't a product this brand has created that I don't love! Would definitely recommend it.

Face Inc Sheet mask 

Who doesn't love a sheet mask?! The patterned ones from Face inc are my current favourites. The shape of the sheet is really well thought out in terms of the shape of your face, nothing is poking in my eye or feels in the wrong place. It also stays on your face and doesn't slip off.
I tend to leave it on for about 15+mins and then rub the remaining in to my skin. Each one I've tried has left my skin feeling super soft and rehydrated.

Those are all of my go to skincare products! 

Thanks for reading, 

Love, Rosie 


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