Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Favourite Stationery Brands

As a fashion design student I'm constantly on the look out for interesting stationery items to help create a visually pleasing sketchbook. It's taken a long time to find these items so I thought this blog post would be helpful! 

Ring Bound Folder

I am very fussy with folders, the amount i've been through over the years is pretty embarrassing. However I've recently found a brand that I love. Their folders are such good quality and the colour range is really good. My new edition is the grey one shown above, however I also have two salmon pink ones. I use these to put all my research in, this doesn't all go into my sketchbook. 


I'm not that fussy when it comes to notebooks, but these new ones from Oh Deer are super cute and colourful. The marble notebook has cream paper in it and has a rustic feel to it which I love. 

Pencil Case 

At the moment I have two different pencil cases on the go. The first is from WH-Smith and is a fun transparent pink with a chunky orange zip, it's perfect for fitting into bags and holds all I need for travelling in and out of uni. The second is from Oh Deer and has cute little Illustrations all over it. This is a slightly larger size so is great for coloured pens and pencils. 

Pens and Pencils 

I could probably do a whole blog post on my favourite pens and pencils, but for now I will keep it short and sweet with my top two coloured. The first are brush pens from WH-Smith. They're so lovely to work with as you don't have any of the hassle with paint and brushes. I'm all about that easy mess free life! They also have a fine tip end, although this isn't in a brush form. 
Coloured pencils aren't something I like to use that often. Instead I've found I love working with crayons, especially these roll up crayons from Crayola. 
Finally, highlighters. I love to colour in with highlighters but I also find them really useful for to-do lists as I highlight the most urgent things to do on them. My favourite are the Stabilo Boss Pastel coloured highlighters. 


Coloured tapes are something I have been collecting for the past year. I have found my favourite are from a brand called mt. The quality is so great and the colour choice is pretty good. Another favourite of mine isn't actually shown above but they're thin little coloured tapes from Amazon, very cheap and cheerful. 

Label Maker 

Purchasing a label maker honestly changed my life, and I know how sad that sounds! I always used to spend so long in my sketchbook working on making the title look good and now I just do a few clicks and stick a label down. The labels often get complimented in my sketchbook. I recently found some fluorescent tapes that you can put through the label maker, which got me very excited! 

Thanks for reading! 


Rosie xox 


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