Tuesday, 22 August 2017

KeraStraight Treatment

I haven't left my hair in it's natural state for such a long time, which I know is really bad! However my natural hair is just always so frizzy and lacks any sort of curl or straightness to it. When I was offered the KeraStraight Ultimate treatment I thought it would be a great way for me to cut down on the amount of heat styling I'd have to do. I had the treatment done at the Trevor Sorbie Salon in Covent Garden.

First off Ben, the stylist I had at Trevor Sorbie did a little consultation with me on my hair and how I like it to look. We decided I didn't want it to be uber pin straight as it wouldn't suit me. This meant skipping out a step apparently.

Then started the treatment, first my hair was washed with shampoo and then the KeraStraight product was painted into my hair. This had to be left on for 40 mins. It didn't hurt but it was very itchy around my forehead area, but nothing unbearable. After the 40 mins were up the product was washed out of my hair. The next stage was to dry my hair and straighten it. This part took a long time as each small section had to be straightened about 10 times for the product to be activated and stay in the hair. However after that the treatment was done. All that was left for me to do was to wash my hair when I got home with the KeraStraight shampoo and conditioner.

The before and after photographs were taken on the same day, straight after the treatment was done. Then to get an idea of the effect the product has on my natural hair, after washing I just blow dried it normally, slept and that's what my hair looked like after no heat styling. So far I'm really happy with the results. My hair feels and looks a lot shinier, there's still a little kink going through my hair which I like as I think it keeps it looking natural on me.

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Rosie xox 

Find out more and book an appointment here - https://www.kerastraight.com/pages/what-is-ks-ultimate

Friday, 18 August 2017

Cotswold Retreat With Aveda

This week I went to stay in Cheltenham with Aveda.  I had heard of the brand Aveda before I went but I wasn't completely clued up on it, so it was a really interesting trip for me to learn about the ethos and sustainability properties the company hold. Aveda use all natural ingredients and their packaging is also produced with the environment in mind.

I was lucky enough to have my hair done by one of the hair artists at Aveda. She started off by asking me which image in front of me I was most drawn to. After deciding, she sprayed the relaxing scent around me. This was then followed by a shoulder, neck and head massage which I very much enjoyed. Before styling my hair she took a photo of my scalp up close to really assess what was going on at the root of my hair. I had some redness in my skin which showed how important it was to use a thermal protection when styling, and to focus this near the roots. She sprayed the Shampure thermal dry conditioner throughout my hair before styling. To hold the look into place she sprayed the control force hairspray. This is the sort of experience you would expect if you went into an Aveda salon.

It's so refreshing to see a brand with such great environmental ethics. Thank you to Aveda for the beautiful trip!

Rosie xox 


Saturday, 12 August 2017

OMG You Need To Try This...

It Cosmetics is a brand that I had never heard of a few months ago but now I can't stop taking about it! Their products have been made with such consideration and thought that they work so perfectly. I wanted to create this post not only to make you all aware of this American brand but to also share my  best buys from the brand.

1. CC+ Cream
This product has multiple benefits to the skin. Factor 50 is hard to find in base makeup products however this one has it as well as active skincare ingredients. The application of the product is very smooth and blend-able

2. Bye Bye Under eye Concealer
If you're looking for a super high coverage concealer then this is the one for you!

3. Confidence In a Cream Moisturiser
It Cosmetics skincare properties are really something else! I've seen such great results from using this moisturiser.

There brushes are also really great quality and the brand is cruelty free!

Thanks for reading, 

Love, Rosie 

Girlie Sport Look

Girlie Sport Look 

 I love wearing sportswear but I also love girly clothing. I often pair a tea dress with some converse to make it look more casual. Today I did the same but I also added in this Nike sweatshirt which gave a cool effortless look to the outfit. I dressed up the look with my accessories adding my Chloe bag and some big Quay sunglasse. Now that the weather has started to change it's often too cold to wear just a dress on its own, so I often tie jumpers up with a hair band and tuck it under. Makes a change from always wearing a leather jacket with a dress. Even though that is a fail safe way to go!

Thanks for reading! 

Love, Rosie 

Outfit Links 
Nike Jumper - Urban Outfitters 
Red dress - Charity Sop (old next)
Shoes - Converse 
Sunglasses - Quay 
Bag - Chloe

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