Sunday, 10 December 2017

Honest Review of Glossier Makeup

I've been putting off doing this post for a while, this is just because I wanted to really test out the products to give an honest true opinion. Glossier's popularity has grown so much over this past year and theres no surprise there, even just looking at the packaging it's very visually pleasing and product wise, quite innovative. I'm going to go through and tell you what I think about each product, hopefully you guys will find it helpful! 

Priming Moisturiser

This is a very simple moisturiser. I didn't have any nasty reactions to it, sometimes primers can bring me out in spots but I was fine with this. It gives a nice smooth base and works well with the perfect skin tint. I wouldn't say it is anything out of the ordinary but is a nice product to use.

Perfect Skin Tint 

I first purchased this in the lightest shade and loved it, however I have realised it makes my skin look really oily throughout the day, which for me is unheard of as I have such dry skin! It isn't something I go to when doing my makeup as I generally prefer a little bit more coverage however for lazy days where I want minimal makeup and fuss I will use it. The next shade up is quite the jump. I purchased it for when I have fake tan on and it's still a little too dark even when I'm fake tanned... lol. 

Stretch Concealer 

I was really disappointed with this product. Firstly it didn't have much coverage at all but the most frustrating thing for me was the shade. Why the lightest shade isn't the same as the skin tint shade is strange to me. It's quite dark and very orange toned which just doesn't look right on my under eye. The formula also feels a little greasy. 

Cloud Paint 

These are great little products. I purchased haze and beam, both of which I love. They give quite a pigmented look to your cheeks but this does fade quite quickly on me. They can also double up as a lip product. 


Above is the Haloscope in the shade moonstone. I LOVE this product! It's so easy to apply and gives such a gorgeous healthy looking glow to the skin with zero glitter. Would highly recommend this product. 

Generation G 

If you were to buy anything from Glossier I would suggest the Generation G lipsticks. I'm forever applying a lipstick and blotting it like crazy to get the colour and look I want. However these lip products give you that effect without the need to blot! The shade range is also beautiful. I have Jam and Like. Jam is a gorgeous natural looking cherry pink which is a lovely colour for this time of the year. Like is more of a 'your lips but better' shade, so great for a really natural look. 

Lip Gloss 

I must admit I haven't used the lip gloss much. I hoped that it wouldn't be a super sticky lip gloss but it is. I don't think there is anything that special about it really. 

So there we have it, those were my honest opinions on Glossier makeup! Overall, I love the brand ethos and most of their products. However with any makeup brand you're never going to like all of the products that they bring out. Hope this has helped anyone wanting to purchase something from Glossier have a better idea of what to get!

Thanks for reading, 

Rosie xox 

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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Concealers You Need In Your Life!

Concealers are such an important product in my everyday makeup routine, and they're something I rely on a lot to improve the confidence I have with my skin. I'm very lucky that I don't have a lot of break outs on my skin that often, but when I do I like to be prepared. The other main reason I love concealer so much is it covers the veins that show in my eyelids. I wanted to share my favourites with you and why I love them!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 

This was the first ever concealer I tried and to this day I still use it the most. I can't imagine how many I've been through but it never lets me down. The colour match is perfect - I'm shade 01 Fair. The product has great pigmentation and doesn't feel heavy on the skin at all.
Recently Collection brought out their colour correcting concealers. My two favourite are the green and yellow. I use the green on any red areas like around my nose and sometimes on my cheeks, then the yellow for under eye. After blending out you would need to go in onto with the original concealer.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under eye Concealer 

Whenever I feel as though I need heavy duty coverage, this is what I reach for. It's so highly pigmented and can literally cover anything. It's very thick and creamy so when applying I would recommend the tiniest amount and rub it in between your fingers to warm it up, then apply with fingers/ a mini sponge.

Loreal True Match Concealer 

For days when I am feeling really tired or want a little bit of coverage but something very natural looking, I use this product. It's very hydrating and soothing on the skin and contains caffeine so is great for under eye circles. I prefer to use the shade 1N.

Real Techniques Mini Sponge 

Finally to apply my concealer I've been loving these mini sponges from Real Techniques, they really help to get a flawless look to your concealer and don't hurt your eyes.

Thanks for reading, 


Rosie xox 


Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Favourite Stationery Brands

As a fashion design student I'm constantly on the look out for interesting stationery items to help create a visually pleasing sketchbook. It's taken a long time to find these items so I thought this blog post would be helpful! 

Ring Bound Folder

I am very fussy with folders, the amount i've been through over the years is pretty embarrassing. However I've recently found a brand that I love. Their folders are such good quality and the colour range is really good. My new edition is the grey one shown above, however I also have two salmon pink ones. I use these to put all my research in, this doesn't all go into my sketchbook. 


I'm not that fussy when it comes to notebooks, but these new ones from Oh Deer are super cute and colourful. The marble notebook has cream paper in it and has a rustic feel to it which I love. 

Pencil Case 

At the moment I have two different pencil cases on the go. The first is from WH-Smith and is a fun transparent pink with a chunky orange zip, it's perfect for fitting into bags and holds all I need for travelling in and out of uni. The second is from Oh Deer and has cute little Illustrations all over it. This is a slightly larger size so is great for coloured pens and pencils. 

Pens and Pencils 

I could probably do a whole blog post on my favourite pens and pencils, but for now I will keep it short and sweet with my top two coloured. The first are brush pens from WH-Smith. They're so lovely to work with as you don't have any of the hassle with paint and brushes. I'm all about that easy mess free life! They also have a fine tip end, although this isn't in a brush form. 
Coloured pencils aren't something I like to use that often. Instead I've found I love working with crayons, especially these roll up crayons from Crayola. 
Finally, highlighters. I love to colour in with highlighters but I also find them really useful for to-do lists as I highlight the most urgent things to do on them. My favourite are the Stabilo Boss Pastel coloured highlighters. 


Coloured tapes are something I have been collecting for the past year. I have found my favourite are from a brand called mt. The quality is so great and the colour choice is pretty good. Another favourite of mine isn't actually shown above but they're thin little coloured tapes from Amazon, very cheap and cheerful. 

Label Maker 

Purchasing a label maker honestly changed my life, and I know how sad that sounds! I always used to spend so long in my sketchbook working on making the title look good and now I just do a few clicks and stick a label down. The labels often get complimented in my sketchbook. I recently found some fluorescent tapes that you can put through the label maker, which got me very excited! 

Thanks for reading! 


Rosie xox 


Tuesday, 10 October 2017

H&M Studio

 I am totally in love with these two dresses from H&M Studio. The first is a beautiful checked structured dress with a really interesting shape and cutout at the back . I styled it with my green Zara jacket, chunky All Saints boots and Brixton hat. It's got a real sense of country heritage to it so I love wearing it at home. The second dress is very 60's - constructed in a wool-blend fabric it has a great a-line look and is also nice and warm, perfect for autumn/winter.

The quality of both are amazing. The first dress is made in a thick cotton blend which gives structure to the dress and also feels super luxurious to wear. Then the lining of the second black dress is soft and silky which means the wool-blend outer shell won't be itchy at all on the skin. It's really nice to own items that have a lot of thought and a feeling of luxury to them.

Cotton Blend dress -
Wool Blend dress -

 Outfit one details: 
Boots - All Saints 
Jacket - Zara
Hat - Brixton

 Outfit one details: 
Shoes - Converse 
Top - Primark
Jacket - All Saints 

Thanks for reading, 

Rosie xox 


Tuesday, 3 October 2017

My Go-To Skincare Products

I often get asked about my skincare routine and which products I love. As a beauty blogger I find I like to try out a lot of different brands and products but am always worried they're going to ruin my skin. The following skincare items are my fail safe items that always work for me. I have very dry skin, that's not so spot prone any more but it does still happen on the odd occasion.

Garnier Micellar Water

I have been using the product for years, every since it came out actually. It's such an easy way to remove your make that doesn't irritate my eyes or skin. My eyes are the main thing to react to cleansers and especially being a contact lens wearer I don't always like to use an oil cleanser, especially not in the morning. I prefer to use oil cleansers in the evening.

Origins Super Spot Remover

Spot treatments are great, if you use them at the right time. Don't let the spot develop, instead when you feel it coming or can see something happening under your skin zap it straight away! This little product works wonders. It stings a lot but I only leave it on for about an hour and then put a solid layer of Sudocreme over it.

Loreal Hydra Genius

I'm obsessed with the smell of this stuff! As I said my skin is often very dry so I like to use this product on days when I need that extra moisture in my skin. It absorbs really quickly into the skin and I then add my normal moisturiser on top.

It Cosmetics Confidence In a Cream 

This has to be one of the best moisturisers I have ever used on my skin. Since using it I have seen such great results to the look and feel of my skin. There really isn't a product this brand has created that I don't love! Would definitely recommend it.

Face Inc Sheet mask 

Who doesn't love a sheet mask?! The patterned ones from Face inc are my current favourites. The shape of the sheet is really well thought out in terms of the shape of your face, nothing is poking in my eye or feels in the wrong place. It also stays on your face and doesn't slip off.
I tend to leave it on for about 15+mins and then rub the remaining in to my skin. Each one I've tried has left my skin feeling super soft and rehydrated.

Those are all of my go to skincare products! 

Thanks for reading, 

Love, Rosie 


Thursday, 21 September 2017

The Shearling Coat

I can't tell you how excited I am to know that Shearling/Teddy Bear coats are making a come back! Although finding the perfect one can be a bit tricky. Hopefully this post will help you find the one for you! They're so easy to style with a simple outfit underneath. I paired this H&M biker style (faux) shearling jacket with some light wash jeans from Zara, a simple grey jumper from Brandy Melville, my black Chelsea boots and Chloe bag. It may even be too hot for these coats at the moment so I often find myself wearing it with just a t-shirt underneath as the coat is really insulating.

Here are a few other Shearling/Teddy Bear coats I love the look of:

(Wearing - H&M )

Urban Outfitters
Pull & Bear &

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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

KeraStraight Treatment

I haven't left my hair in it's natural state for such a long time, which I know is really bad! However my natural hair is just always so frizzy and lacks any sort of curl or straightness to it. When I was offered the KeraStraight Ultimate treatment I thought it would be a great way for me to cut down on the amount of heat styling I'd have to do. I had the treatment done at the Trevor Sorbie Salon in Covent Garden.

First off Ben, the stylist I had at Trevor Sorbie did a little consultation with me on my hair and how I like it to look. We decided I didn't want it to be uber pin straight as it wouldn't suit me. This meant skipping out a step apparently.

Then started the treatment, first my hair was washed with shampoo and then the KeraStraight product was painted into my hair. This had to be left on for 40 mins. It didn't hurt but it was very itchy around my forehead area, but nothing unbearable. After the 40 mins were up the product was washed out of my hair. The next stage was to dry my hair and straighten it. This part took a long time as each small section had to be straightened about 10 times for the product to be activated and stay in the hair. However after that the treatment was done. All that was left for me to do was to wash my hair when I got home with the KeraStraight shampoo and conditioner.

The before and after photographs were taken on the same day, straight after the treatment was done. Then to get an idea of the effect the product has on my natural hair, after washing I just blow dried it normally, slept and that's what my hair looked like after no heat styling. So far I'm really happy with the results. My hair feels and looks a lot shinier, there's still a little kink going through my hair which I like as I think it keeps it looking natural on me.

Thanks for reading, if you have any more questions just comment below! 

Rosie xox 

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Friday, 18 August 2017

Cotswold Retreat With Aveda

This week I went to stay in Cheltenham with Aveda.  I had heard of the brand Aveda before I went but I wasn't completely clued up on it, so it was a really interesting trip for me to learn about the ethos and sustainability properties the company hold. Aveda use all natural ingredients and their packaging is also produced with the environment in mind.

I was lucky enough to have my hair done by one of the hair artists at Aveda. She started off by asking me which image in front of me I was most drawn to. After deciding, she sprayed the relaxing scent around me. This was then followed by a shoulder, neck and head massage which I very much enjoyed. Before styling my hair she took a photo of my scalp up close to really assess what was going on at the root of my hair. I had some redness in my skin which showed how important it was to use a thermal protection when styling, and to focus this near the roots. She sprayed the Shampure thermal dry conditioner throughout my hair before styling. To hold the look into place she sprayed the control force hairspray. This is the sort of experience you would expect if you went into an Aveda salon.

It's so refreshing to see a brand with such great environmental ethics. Thank you to Aveda for the beautiful trip!

Rosie xox 

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