Thursday, 7 July 2016

NEW L'oreal Pure Clay Masks

L'oreal have just launched a new addition to their skin care products, the 'Pure Clay Masks'. I'm a big fan of face masks and have only really used two other clay masks before, my favourite being the clarifying self heating clay mask from the Body Shop. 
There are three different masks, each having different properties and results:

Purity Mask

The purity mask has green eucalyptus which not only smells AMAZING but really cools and rehydrates the skin. I definitely noticed a difference after this mask, my skin looked glowing and soft.

Glow Mask

The glow mask is the only pure clay mask out of the collection which doesn't dry and set on the face, which if you don't like the whole 'I can't move my face!!!' feeling then it's a good one for you. The mask is really nice and moisturising and also has little granules in it which exfoliate the skin leaving it soft and fresh. 

Detox Mask

The Detox mask has charcoal in it and leaves your face looking bright and radiant. 

You can have fun and customise your mask by using different ones on different areas. I'm still playing around with the masks and finding the best area for them to be on my skin. 
Overall I really love these Pure Clay masks, they smell amazing and make my skin feel really good.

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  1. Do you know when these clay masks are available in stores?

  2. They launched in the uk a few days ago boots have an offer on them £5 each,the u.s got them 2 weeks ago��

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  4. Ohh I didn't know about this, will definitely keep an eye out for these! x

    Summer, The Twins Wardrobe

  5. I heard about them but I wasn't sure, but now I really want to try them all!

  6. Love these masks, not sure which one to buy. Did you have a favourite Rosie?
    Just Abigail

  7. Can I use just one for whole face??


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