Friday, 3 June 2016

Bringing light, life and interest into your room

Adding in plants and flowers to your room makes such a huge difference! I've had the idea of creating the above for such a long time but it's taken so long for me to find the perfect way to hang them! I bought these beautiful tea light holders with delicate a copper handle. Hanging them would have meant a fixture above which I didn't want. 
The baskets are from Tiger and the fastenings are handmade by my very talented dad haha! Whenever something needs hanging in my room that's not just a picture frame it's a case of:  daaadddd... please could you help me put these up?! 

I'm constantly playing music from my computer but sometimes I find it's fun to take your mind away from the computer and pop a record on. This one was a christmas present and I love the reflective look which adds even more brightness into the room.

Tiger are on a roll at the moment with their homewear! I adore these little round colourful fairy lights, they just make me feel all summery and happy. The blue desk lamp is from John Lewis and I've had it for a while but it ties in well with the coloured fairy lights. 

I like to set myself little life goals. That sounds weird and kind of sad! Next year I will be going off to Uni to study Fashion Design which i'm so excited about!!!! I've been collecting fashion books for a long time and can't wait to have my own house so I can have a dedicated bookshelf for them to live!

 I live in quite an old house so light is not always on my side. Recently I've added in a another lamp to the darkest corner of my room and it's made such a huge difference! It makes the room feel much brighter, warmer and more spacious. The little copper basket is from Tiger although I bought it a while ago.

I hope you have enjoyed this little blog post all about making my room brighter happier place. Let me know any tips you have for making a room lighter (oh also mirrors are great for making a room more spacious!)

Thanks for reading! 



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