Monday, 2 November 2015

Meet Winnie the Mini!

Hi Everyone!

Soooo, recently I made the biggest purchase of my life so far! Since forever I have loved Minis and have been saving up for a car for a long time. I found my car on Auto Trader which was being sold through a private dealer. I couldn't be happier with my Mini Cooper and am over the moon that it's cream! I keep giggling with happiness at the fact I actually have a car!!! The morning drive to school is now very exciting!

Thanks for reading, 

Rosie xox



  1. Love this post! I am hoping to get a mini in the future. I was wondering what year it is? Xx

  2. So cute! I want a Mini as well, but sadly am not all allowed :(

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  4. Looks so lovely!
    Izzy |

  5. Congrats! I love mini so much! Yours is gorgeous! Be carefull on a road! :-*

    With love from Russia

  6. Wow! She is one nice looking mini Cooper. Enjoy your new car, just make sure you get the regular maintenance done on her. Also I firmly recommend washing her at least once every two weeks during the warmer months. It will go a long way to keep her in tip top shape.

    Micheal Miller @ Butler Kia Fishers


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