Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Lush Winter Wonderland Box

Looking for something to WOW someone over with this Christmas? The Lush Winter Wonderland christmas box is certainly WOW-worthy! With 20 items inside it will keep your baths very exciting!

If you don't want to make the plunge and were wondering which ones are my favourite here is my top 5, and of course you can buy each one separately.

1. Bar Humbug Bubble Bar
2. Frozen Bath Bomb
3. The Magic Of Christmas reusable bubble bar
4. Peeping Santa Bubble Bar (How Cute!!!!)
5. Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb (Looks so cool in your bath!)

Winter Wonderland Box - £ 82.95

Thanks so much for reading!





  1. I love the Frozen bath bomb, it smells amazing! x

  2. So cute! x defo excited for Christmas now


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  4. Every year I'm always so excited for Lush Christmas products! This would be the most wonderful gift to receive - it would keep me happy the entire year! The Candy Mountain bubblebar is probably my most favourite, followed closely by the Luxury Lush Pud. Thanks for sharing, Rosie!

    emily | honey + flour

  5. Christmas decoration is something that really makes me feel excited and adds more fun to my Christmas. This year rather than celebrating at my home I celebrated at a party at event space San Francisco. I really enjoyed with my closed ones there.


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