Sunday, 5 April 2015

My Textiles AS Work

Skirt Pattern adaptation:

Recycled Project:

Recently I have been posting a few images of my finished school work on my Instagram 'rosietheginger'. For my Textiles AS course it's structured in a portfolio approach. This means that instead of doing one large project we do three smaller ones.

The first project involved the stimulus of recycled material. I decided to focus on denim as it's one of my all time favourite materials and I think it has a timeless look. I researched into different ways of manipulating denim and found that I liked the look of frayed denim the most. In the end I settled on a coat design with patchwork denim, recycled from jeans and a fur collar from which I sourced from an old coats lining.

Our second project focused on our pattern skills. We were told to make a block pattern that would fir us and then adapt it from there. I removed the darts from the skirt, replaced them with panels and extended. I added some interest and originality with the double bubble like puffs at the top of the skirt. The front of the waistband was flat however I robbed the back of the waist with elastic to ensure a tight fit. It's not the easiest skirt to walk in but can be entered easily due to the side zip. As this project was focused on the adaptation of the pattern and not so much the final outcome, we didn't need to make up the final skirt in a different fabric. Hence why the skirt looks very structured, this is because I used calico fabric which is really nice to work with and great for producing a toile.

For our final project we had to come up with our own brief. I decided to make my project inspired by Sicily. In the end I made three parts to the overall garment; a bra, pant and dress. The dress was constructed out of thin voile fabric and the surface pattern was designed by myself and printed using a sublimation printer.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post, and if you're thinking of doing textiles at A level I would highly recommend it, just be prepared for a lot of work!

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