Sunday, 7 December 2014

My Makeup Collection and Storage

Hi Everyone!

My recent YouTube video was showing you all my makeup collection and storage. I thought I would make a blog post with some photos of my collection. I will leave a few links to the items you can see.

Hope you get a bit of inspiration,

Rosie xox



  1. I love your storage, especially the muji stuff it looks so cute!! I'll have to get my hands on some muji stuff ASAP!!

    Elish xo

  2. Hey Rosie!
    You're awesome'
    Could you make a video about how you care everyday (and overall) of your skin? Please.
    (I'm from the Czech republic, so don't solve my english)
    Thank you!
    Have a nice day

  3. I really love your blog Rosie! Xx

  4. Your storage is awesome, I really like it! :-) Especially how organised everything is haha x
    Keep up the great work! Your blog and your videos are amazing <3

    Mel Xx

  5. Great blog :) please follow my new blog :) lots of exciting things to come!!! Xx

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