Sunday, 19 October 2014

Welcome To My New Blog!

Hi Guys!

Now I know a few of you have noticed that my old blog is no longer working for some bizarre reason! I have tried numerous things to get my images back, but nothing seems to have worked. Therefore I thought I would start fresh with a new design (which took me ages to make but I love it!).
You will still expect the same sort of content on this blog as you saw on my last. I'm going to try and be much more committed to blogging as I forget how much I love it.

If you're new, Hi! I'm Rosie, 17 year old beauty blogger and Youtuber! 

Let me know any suggestions for future posts! 

Thanks for reading, 





  1. So glad you're back Rosie! x

  2. I've had blogs before that never went anywhere so I'm trying really hard to commit to my current one! Look forward to reading more xx

  3. So sorry that happened to your old blog! I'm sure that was frustrating. You did a great job on the new look!

  4. Hi rosie I've miss your blog!!

  5. You too ?! I had my blog in blogger and one day every photo existing in my blog just went blanc with a sign that said something that there is no photo etc. I was SO frustrated that all my hard work had been for nothing. I couldn't get them back and now I made a new blog to So far loving it.

    One tip that I can give you in case you had the same issue that I had. Try to download the photos beforehand to somewhere else like flickr or etc and then paste them to your blog. It does take a little extra work but that ensures you that your pictures are safe and don't get lost. Hope you'll not get any other problems and your blog will rise again.

  6. I have just started a blog as i thought it looked so much fun! you get to design what you want it to look like and personalise it to you. I would be so grateful if anyone could take a look and give me advice on how to improve it. link below :)

  7. I'm so glad to see you back! I've been watching your videos but seeing your blog being back is really cool :) x


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